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Product SKU XIAOWAN Pet Feeder
Brand Xiaomi
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 10 cm x 18 cm
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  • Brand name Xiaomi
  • Build state Ready to use
  • Gyroscope XIAOMI XiaoWan Smart Pet Feeder
  • Maximum speed XIAOMI XiaoWan Smart Pet Feeder

New Xiaomi Xiaowan Smart Pet Feeder, Cat and Dog Remote Control, Automatic Feeding, Regular Quantitative Feeding with Mijia APP


It is Xiaomi Ecological Chain Company brand, there is no Xiaomi logo or Mi logo on it, thanks for your understanding.

Pet food automatically throughout the day
Automatic juice dispensing, moisture-proof lock, refreshing, smooth, grainy
Intelligent scene linkage, has been connected with Mijia APP
Xiaomi Xiaowan Smart Pet Feeder (1)
Regular quantitative automatic grain output
Daily Scientific Diet Management
Connected to the Mijia APP, you can control the time and amount of food at any time, and set up an all-weather Regular Quantitative Automatic Pet Feeding Plan to travel with confidence, makes eating more scientific and convenient.
It can be adapted to dry animal feed with a particle diameter of 5-12 mm.
(Does not support freeze-dried grains and grainy grains)

Xiaomi Xiaowan Smart Pet Feeder (2)Smooth grain delivery system

Delicious arrived on time
Unique six-layer grain distribution structure, flexible soft silicone material mixing tablet grains + grain distribution blades passed tens of thousands of grain yield tests *, grain delivery is smooth and unimpeded, grain road is wide, and avoid jogging from the source.
Xiaomi Xiaowan Smart Pet Feeder (3)
Enjoy your smart pet
Individual exclusive feeding plan
Through the Mijia APP, you can set the time and quantitative plan of automatic feeding, even remotely Control your finger to "Add food". Xiaomi Xiaowan Smart Pet Feeder (4)Xiaoai voice control support
Experience of interesting interaction
The device supports Xiaoai classmates voice control, controls power supply and adds power, and supports entertainment operations.Xiaomi Xiaowan Smart Pet Feeder (5)
Food shortage reminder
Intelligent real-time monitoring
Two sets of sensors continuously monitor food leftover and food exit status. In case of food shortage or abnormality, the host will immediately notify the owner through the fuselage indicator light and Mijia APP to ensure normal power supply.Xiaomi Xiaowan Smart Pet Feeder (6)
Power failure and network interruption
The plan is not confusing, the pet does not panic
Machine storage power plan, built-in emergency power system * can supply four 5th thousand batteries, accidental power outage, power failure can still keep food delivery plan on time.
The spare battery must be purchased by yourself. Xiaomi Xiaowan Smart Pet Feeder (7)Triple lock seal fresh and moisture resistant
Every meal is fresh and delicious
First keg lid
360 ° Silicone O-ring lock fresh
High quality silicone ring can effectively block air and slow down food oxidation.
Second barrel for storing grain
Built-in exchangeable drying box
Self-replaceable, moisturizes and moisture resistant, allowing each grain to dry and keep fresh for a long time.
Third heavy export
Spherical "revolving door" conceals freshness
Unique spherical design seals and blocks fresh food; Concealed grain feeding method prevents pet bite damage. Xiaomi Xiaowan Smart Pet Feeder (8)Material for contact with food
304 stainless steel food bowl
Grain storage buckets, grain stirring tablets, grain separating blades and 304 stainless steel food bowls meet food contact requirements *. Food bowls can be removed and cleaned, so it is not easy to accumulate fat and it is not easy for pets to produce black jaws. Xiaomi Xiaowan Smart Pet Feeder (9)Super storage capacity
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