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1. Take out the cat felts and deodorant cleaner
2. Install 3 haaa batteries then close the back cover
3. Open the bottom cover of the deodorant device, hold the buckle of the filter element, place it into the deodorant device and secure the bottom cover
4. Put the deodorant cleaner back into the card slot on the top of the cat litter box.
5. Remove the pearl cotton that is fixed on the fixing hole pedal, and then use the induction deodorant toilet cleaner


Brand PETKIT ABS material White colour Weight 300 g Working Current: 0.5A Operating voltage 4.5 V Using batteries 3 * AAA batteries (not included) Size 164x40x32 mm


– Replacement Desiccant Gel for Fresh Element.
– Highly hygroscopic, effectively absorbing moisture in the air.
– High strength silicon granular, hard to pulverized, long-lasting.
– Odorless, corrosion-free and environmental-friendly material.
– DO NOT use if the package is damaged.

  • Replacement Filter Water Drinking 4 layer 1 pack
  • To begin with, PETKIT FILTER 2.0 is designed for both PETKIT EVERSWEET Water Fountain 1 & 2.
  • As a rule, please do not forget to purchase the NEW TRAY together. If you have EVERSWEET WATER FOUNTAIN 1.
  • Therefore, this NEW TRAY is required for EVERSWEET 1 fountain users to fit PETKIT FILTER 2 with your PETKIT fountain.
  • FILTER 2.0 could match the FOUNTAIN 1.0, only with the new tray.
  • Have a wonderful sleep all year round with this comfortable 4 season nest. This bed has 2 sides.
  • One side has a cooling system with ice gel and the other side contains wool fabric with a warm surface made of crystal fleece. To make it even better, there is a 3D memory foam between the sides that softens and absorbs pressure and adjusts to a comfortable state.
  • In addition to all the above advantages, this bed also has a nice and modern design with invisible zippers, a handle and an anti-slip bottom. All parts of the nest are also removable so that your people can wash it every now and then.

PETKIT Cleaning Kit includes a brush and sponge that is specially designed to clean PETKIT products such as the PETKIT Eversweet Smart Drinking Pet Fountain and PETKIT Eversweet Travel Pet Bottle.

Use the brush in the PETKIT Cleaning Kit to clean hard-to-reach gaps in the PETKIT Eversweet Smart Drinking Pet Fountain as well as its filter tray.

PETKIT Cleaning Kit’s sponge can also be used to scrub the drinking surface of the PETKIT Eversweet Smart Drinking Pet Fountain and PETKIT Eversweet Travel Pet Bottle clean.


1). 2L large water capacity: no need to refill water frequently.
2). Environmentally friendly material: Made of high gloss PP material, BPA free.
3). Three different modes of water flow: smooth flowing water surface, faucet-like flow with a bubbly water surface, faucet-like flow.
4). 5 replaceable filters: Remove dirt and odors from the water.
five). Super quiet and low consumption: 2 W silent water pump with no noise and energy saving.
6). Heart-shaped: beautiful atmosphere, easy to install, disassemble and clean.
7) good window for testing water
8) Specical Feature for the one with Colorful LED (optional), and attracts pet's attention