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Brand Mijia
Size (L x W x H) 290 mm x 290 mm x 30 mm
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  • * Hohe Preci sion Sensor
    Precisely perceived changes from subtle to 50g
  • * For Xiaomi Sport APP
    Open the Xiaomi Sport App and view the curve of data and body changes at any time, anywhere.
    Fitness plans and nutritional adjustments can also be made based on the BMI. At the same time,
    A weight of each record is uploaded to the APP cloud for unlimited storage.
  • * Dual mode
    Meeting the needs of weighing small objects, measuring can still live as low as 100g after booting.
  • * Ideal weight Real -time calculation
    Equipped with ideal weight measurement function, based on height, age, BMI and other data,
    Intelligently calculate the weight that fits them. Not blindly loose e weight, excessive weight looses.
  • * Body balance assessment
    Equipped with body balance function test function, they can understand their body balance ability
    On the APP standing on the scale with one foot.Tookfun.
  • * Intelligent analysis
    home members can be automatically detected on physical data, and up to 16 members can be shared for family sharing.
    Visitor mode can also be set, and other people's measurement data is not saved.
  • * Baby Weighing support function

Mi Smart Weight Scale 2

The precision of a glass of water can be perceived.




High Precision pressure sensor

Weighing dual mode: people and Things

Real-time measurement and calculation of ideal weight 

Assessment of body Balance force




High precision sensors that accurately perceive changes in the body every day. 

Mi Smart Weight Scale 2, using high precision manganese steel sensors,

can accurately perceive subtle to 50g changes, 

while providing g, kg, lb three units of choice,

effectively help you fine management weight data.




Mi Fit APP, draw your moving curves

Open the Mi Fit APP, you can view the data anytime,

anywhere, record the curve of the body changes, and clearly see how your weight changes.

Fitness programs and dietary adjustments can also be made based on BMI (Body mass index).Tookfun.

At the same time, each of your weighing data will be automatically uploaded to

the cloud via the APP, with unlimited storage.




Weight is not the lighter the better, the ideal weight is healthier 

Mi Smart Weight Scale 2  is equipped with the ability to measure and calculate the ideal weight, 

According to height, age, BMI and other data,

intelligently calculate the right weight for you,

allowing you to avoid blind weight loss and excessive slimming.




To maintain physical stability, the ability to balance is essential

Balancing ability is the basic ability of physical activity,

and improving the ability to balance can reduce our risk of falling and joint injuries. 

Mi Smart Weight Scale 2 is equipped with the body Balance ability test function,

Close your eyes and Stand on the scale with one foot,

You can learn about your ability to balance your body through the APP.




Intelligent analytics to automatically identify every family member

Mi Smart Weight Scale 2 can automatically identify members of the home based on body data,

Can support up to 16 members to use together for family sharing.Tookfun. 

You can also set the guest mode,

other people's measurement data will not be saved, will not leave traces.




Hold baby weighing ,pay close attention to your baby's growth

Mi Smart Weight Scale 2 support the holding of baby weighing, 

parents alone weighing once, and then holding the baby together weighing,

you can automatically get the baby's weight. 

Of course, you can also measure the weight of a pet in your home in the same way.




Can measure a person's weight,

can also measure the weight of the item,

two modes can be intelligently switched

Mailing parcels, daily necessities, etc., can measure weight at any time

In addition to human weighing,

Mi Smart Weight Scale 2 can also meet the demand for weighing small items,

after the boot can be measured as low as 100g of still life.Tookfun.

Can solve a lot of Weighing problem in life.




Simple design that can be easily Integration into the environment

Whether in use or appearance, 

Mi Smart Weight Scale 2 is a simple but full of beautiful experience products. 

Its crystal clear, smooth and fine texture, can be easily Integrate into any home style.




Hidden LED screen, clear display, bring A sense of integration.




Warm white tempered glass, multiple screen printing,

20 processes finely crafted, sturdy and beautiful.




Round corners, CNC Seiko treatment, smooth and delicate, reduce bump damage.




Bluetooth 5.0, faster and more stable transmission 

Mi Smart Weight Scale 2 uses low power Bluetooth 5.0,

weight data transmission speed is faster and more stable, cherish your every second.



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